How it works

Easy installation

The hyShell is easy to install. All elements can be stuck right to the door. No drilling, removing of the door, or an expert are required.

Step 1

Remove the protection film from the sticky area on the back of the hyShell and place it on the door side where you pull the door to open (a template for the optimal placement is available).

Step 2

Remove the protection film from the sticking area of the blocker element and attach it to the notch in the door frame.

Step 3

So that the hyShell is fully functional, the door requires a door closer system. Check the closing pressure and reduce it to the minimum (so that the door still closes). If you wish we deliver as well a suitable door closer system.


Although you can install the hyShell easily by yourself, an optimal installation is required for a comfortable usage.

We also offer a personal installation at your location.