Yves Prodorutti
Yves Prodorutti Founder

Yves lead the development from a business idea to the final end product – the hyShell.

While studying business administration he was employed by one of the major regional trade association and during this assignment he was responsible for education related projects. Since January 2015 he is supervising small and medium-sized enterprises at a local established auditing company.

As one of the co-founder of Hygienics.ch Yves can bring in his experience in project management and consulting in an optimal way. Customer satisfaction lies at his heart. He is looking forward to support many companies and institutions with the hyShell.

If he is not devoting himself to new ideas you can meet Yves either on the football pitch, tennis court or in the forrest during a walk with his dog Ginny.

Batuhan Yilmazer
Batu Yilmazer Co-Founder

Batu studied business administration with majoring in entrepreneurship. Currently he is enrolled in his master’s degree in human computer interaction design. Right now he is a Consultant at a global IT consulting company.

Before he worked in a Swiss pharmaceutical company in different IT projects within the areas of mobility, analytics and digital transformation. His strengths are in the area of project management, brand awareness and digital experiences and interactions.

Batu is in charge of areas such as customer experience, product design, brand touch points, exhibition appearance, social media channels and innovation management.

Batu finds his work-life-balance either by traveling around the world, at a self cooked dinner with friends or while practicing Aikido.

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The hyShell is a market-ready result of our first product idea and our personal investment. We would like to bring fresh and innovative solutions to the daily life of our fellow human being and this in a smart and comfortable way – especially for the purpose of a higher quality of living – and to be healthier.

A higher healthiness means more joy, fun and energy in your life. We keep our eyes always open and pursue to create new and intelligent products constantly.

That the products of Hygienics.ch will shape and simplify the daily life of lots of people around the world is our ultimate goal. For this ambitious intention we commit ourself from day to day.


The idea of the foot door opener hyShell rose as we realized how many people – on purpose or not – did not wash their hands after a toilet visit.

May 2013
The need has been recognized

To touch a door handle comes always with a feeling of disgust and concern. Studies show that there is a bacterial focus on the door handle and lots of people state that they do not wash their hands regularly or just insufficient.

July 2013
The development phase begins

Due to that knowledge and lots of discussions back and forth we strive for a comfortable and pragmatic solution. The product should fulfill at the beginning the following high requirements:

The product should be…

  • intuitive and easy to use
  • simple to install at the door or upgrade without removing the door, drill into it or support of an expert
  • nice designed and fit well into its environment
  • at a fair price for a noticable added value
  • summarized: a comfortable way to fight against bacterias and to promote the health of the people

We developed different shapes and designs for the prototype. The shell shape had the most advantages compared to the alternatives. The shell allows you to open the door from different angles. Due to the shape you can also stick the shell on both sides of the door. The nice and homogenous design completes all the advantages.


February 2014
The first steps

We create a first model out of wood and do several tests in order to check its usability and the feeling of the door shell.

The idea works. The tests confirm our concept. With some design optimizations to increase its comfort we are creating the first prototype which can be a potential final product.

September 2014
The Swiss UpStart Challenge

We hear from a well-known startup challenge in Switzerland. We grab the chance and submit our business plan.

WOW, we are getting invited into the finals and are allowed to present our door shell idea in front of a jury of 12 experts from different branches. We are reaching the second place at the final award event of this challenge. What a great success and confirmation of the business idea. We continue with our concept.

December 2014
The first customer appointment – it is getting serious

With an elaborated concept and a functional door shell prototype with the official product name hyShell we are invited to an hospital. The employees are aware of the problem of the germs on the door handles. They are excited about the innovative idea and offer us a test phase in one of their restrooms over a few months.

March 2015
It works – and they like it

The resonance of the test phase was unexpectedly high and positive. “FINALLY”, “terrific” and “great, that someone had this idea” were just a few of the received feedbacks.

The few cricitcal voices were mainly concerned about the door shell shape. Especially the size of the opening which was not suitable for sturdy shoes.

June 2015
The final touch

We consider the feedback from the test phase in the hospital to optimize the hyShell and all its components. The shape receives its final change by getting thinner and the opening bigger.

September 2015
The hyShell – a market-ready product

Thanks to all the valuable feedback we were able to design the hyShell more customer-friendly and comfortable. The door shell is easy to install and comfortable to use. The hyShell can be sticked to almost every surface.

January 2016
The preparation of the serial production

With an optimized hyShell we are now looking for the perfect (production) partner. The shell shape leads to complex production parts. We are proud to have for each part of the hyShell a Swiss small to mid-sized enterprises as a supplier. This ensures high quality and reliability.

September 2016
Final processing of the first series and launch

In fall 2016 the point is finally reached. We receive our first hyShells from the serial production. A great feeling! We deliver the hyShell to our first customers with joy. The clients are thrilled. As of now the hyShell is available through us directly or our distribution partners.