NEW: Purehold


The self-cleaning antibacterial cover for the door handle.

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How it works

Using silver technology, the coating of the Purehold combats bacteria, viruses and other germs continuously. Aimed at reducing cross-contamination over the surface of a door handle from one user to the next. The Purehold is easily installed and immediately ready to use! It’s suitable for the most common lever handle doors.

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria, using silver technology embedded into handle surface (independently tested to ISO 22196)
  • Proven in the field to be 96.4% cleaner than standard door handles (independently tested)
  • Purehold supports the company hygiene and health protection concepts and reduces costly staff sickness
  • Easy and simple installation without tools
  • No chemical or poisonous ingredients
  • Extremely robust and sturdy, with no maintenance required
  • Effective protection for at least 6 months; indicator on the device shows how long the protection is active
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Areas to be used

Der Purehold can be easily installed over existing door handles. After installation the door handle can be used normally.

Ideal places to use:

  • Health organizations (asylum and hospitals, clinics etc.)
  • Public buildings (for example administration buildings, car park, and similar)
  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Shopping malls and fitness centers
  • Retail business
  • And many more

In this area all door handles are suitable, especially the following:

  • Entrance doors to restrooms and bathroom stalls
  • Passage doors
  • Doors to patient rooms
  • Doors to meeting rooms (and other offices)
  • Doors to the kitchen area
  • And many more