Wall of Fame


An unbelievable story. We are so thankful and proud, to have such a great community behind us. YOU have added a valuable contribution that the campaign ended successfully. YOU made it possible with your contribution that we can continue investing in our company and our market presence.

We thank you for your support and your trust in us!

In case you missed it, here is the link to our Kickstarter campaign page.

Name Surname
Name Surname
Name Surname
Name Surname
star Alexander
star Andreas Winkler
star Bee
star Chantal
star C. Beyeler
star Creditfolio AG – www.creditfolio.ch
star Designerei GmbH
star dominik goodluck!
star Dominique Martin
star F. Basler
star F. Gysin
star G. Kittel
star Gabriela Christen
star Gerda Prodorutti
star Gidi
star ImmoMensch GmbH & Olivia
star J. Onori
star Jörg Künst
star K. Yilmazer
star Katrin Eggenschwiler
star LL Cool J
star Luke Skywalker
star M. Matl
star M. Schindelholz
star M. Simon
star Manuel Wyss
star Marc Hofer
star Marcel Kux
star Marco Bacchetta
star Marcos Fernandez
star Maria Papadopoulou
star Marianne & Martin Thommen
star Massimo Bartolotta
star Michael Mohler
star Miry
star Nicole M. aus S.
star O. Gisin
star P. Häfelfinger
star P. Roana
star P. Torres
star Pascal Jenny
star Richi
star Ruben Tavares
star S. Yilmazer
star Sandro Christen
star Schaub Gipser GmbH
star Serki
star Silvio Boesch
star Simon & Claudia Rey
star Slö
star Stephan
star Stephan Jung
star The Eldar
star The Oesch Family
star Urs Itin