The hyShell

Comfortable usage and absolutely reliable, packed in a smart design.

hyShell black
Smart system
  • Blocker element in the door frame prevents the arresting of the door
  • Complete closing of the door possible
  • 2 stickers show that the door can be opened with your foot
Simple installation
  • Foolproof installation
  • Easy installation on the door
  • Simple sticking of every element possible
100% Swiss made
  • Development of a Swiss startup
  • All elements are from Swiss suppliers
  • Maximum quality and reliability
Product &
  • hyShell from high quality synthetic material
  • Blocker element for the door frame
  • 2 stickers which explain the functionality

Hygiene in the medical field is very important, as well as efficiency. Promote the recovery of your patients and eliminate one dangerous bacterial focus.

  • Use the Hyshell to eliminate the risk of spreading bacteria.
  • Infections can be reduced.
  • Ideal for an holistic hospital hygiene.
  • Doors can be opened easily even with full hands.

Some people behave differently than others. This is the reason why the door handle of the restrooms are gross and dangerous. People who wash their hands correctly want to make them earliest dirty while they are eating.

  • The general sense of hygiene increases.
  • Guests do not unknowingly get bacteria on their hands.
  • Simple and faster service of the guests.
  • Because of the surprise effect the location provides a positive experience.

Where lots of people are working and meeting, there are as well germs. The door handle is one of the few surfaces which you share daily with your colleagues.

  • The risk of sickness at your work place decreases.
  • The general sense of hygiene increases.
  • Infections can be prevented and sick leave days can be reduced.
  • Ideal as well for tenants: The hyShell can be easily sticked. If you are moving you can always take it with you.

Investment in your health

An employee is on average 11 days on sick leave per year. We are assuming that the sick leave days can be reduced by just one day with an installed hyShell. This is a very conservative guess.

Calculate your individual benefit if you buy a foot door opener.

How many doors are proper for a hyShell?
Number of employees
Target value of reduced sick leave days 1
Hourly rate in CHF according to SECO 35
Working hours per day 8.4
Costs per hyShell 159

Your savings per year: CHF 0

The purchase of the hyShell has been payed off in 0 months.


Our claim is to provide high quality and functional products. This is the reason why the hyShell has been designed for a long-term use.

To keep this promise we offer a free of charge replacement within the first two years in case of any malfunctions.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


The hyShell convinces with an appealing and functional design. This is the reason why the brand name and the design is protected.