Can I open a door with a hyShell installed as well the conventional way?
Yes. The hyShell just prevents the door from arresting in the door frame. The door can still be manually opended and closed.
For which door is the hyShell suitable?
The hyShell can be installed on every door. Pay attention to the space conditions for a comfortable usage. Only requirement: The door closes automatically through a door closer. If you don’t have a door closer installed you can order one in a set with the hyShell.
What do I need for the installation?
For the installation of the hyShell you do not need any specific knowledge nor tools. Every component can be sticked – check the Instructions for additional details.
Is the door closed even when the hyShell is installed?
Yes. Although the hyShell blocks the door from arresting in the door frame, the door stays closed because of the pressure of the door closer.
Can the hyShell be used for swinging doors?
Yes, absolutely. The hyShell can also be used for swing doors. In this case you do not need to install the blocking element.
How can I adjust the door closer?
For a comfortable usage of the hyShell the closing force has to be reduced to a minimum. Here are the instructions for the most common door closers from DORMA, GEZE, ECO and TJSS.
What are the dimensions of the hyShell and what is it made of?
Height: 18cm (7″) Opening: 11cm (4.3″)
Width: 18cm (7″) Weight: 492 grams (17.35oz)
Depth: 12.5cm (4.9″) Material: Styrol-Methyl-Methacrylate (SMMA)
Can I remove the hyShell again?
Yes. Every element of the hyShell and the glue are made for a long-term usage but can be removed residue-free if required (depending on the surface there can be a slight color wearout of the surface). Additional information can be found under Instructions.