The installation is very easy. In a few steps you can equip a door with a hyShell. Follow this instruction and the foot door opener shell will bring you joy for a long time.


Clean and degrease (!) the door and door-frame thoroughly at the place where you will install the hyShell. The surfaces have to be dry, dust-free and free from oil and grease.


Remove the stencil from the packaging (perforated area).


Place the stencil on the side of the door where it is pulled to (stencil to be placed sideways at the door end and at the bottom on the floor). IMPORTANT: The stencil can only be used when there is enough space next to the door. If this is not the case you have to adjust the distance to the wall so that a comfortable opening of the door is guaranteed!


Remove the protection film from the backside of the hyShell. Place the foot door opener carefully on the designated area on the stencil. Once aligned firmly press the hyShell towards the door.


Clamps are required to achieve a high contact pressure. Put the clamps at the top end and bottom end of the hyShell and use a washer to protect the door and the foot door opener and in order to spread the pressure equally. Tighten the clamps and wait one minute. After that you can remove the clamps.


Place both stickers above the door-handle on each side of the door. The sticker with the illustration of a foot print has to be stuck on the side of the door with the hyShell attached.


Check if the blocker covers the lock-set between the door and the door frame. If the blocker is too long and hinders the second notch you can adjust it by cutting it to the correct length with a tin snips. Remove the protection film and place the blocker on the designated area – which was cleaned before – on the lock-set. Check that the round part is succinctly laid on the door frame. Press the blocker well against the frame.


At the end check the closing speed and force of the door closer. Reduce the closing force to a minimum (so that the door still closes). Instructions to the most common door closer are available under FAQ. If you wish we can also deliver a suitable door closer to you.


The tape of the hyShell is designed for a long-term use. The removal is possible but it requires some effort. We recommend to use a special glue removal liquid. In addition you need the following material for the removal:

1 scaler
1 carpet knife
1 thin wire or piano string
1 cleaning wipe

Because of the high quality of the tape it is possible that damages can occur on the surface of the door while removing. For damages we accept no liability.


Bend over the hyShell and pull the top part towards you and away from the door. The tape streches. Add a bit of the glue removal liquid behind the foot door opener and on the tape.


Take the carpet knife and adjust the blade to 3 finger-width. Pull the hyShell away from the door so that the tape stretches and cut carefully with the carpet knife along the back-end of the foot door opener and through the tape.


Add again a bit of the glue removal liquid behind the hyShell. Take the wire or piano string and pull it carefully behind the foot door opener from the top to the bottom. With left and right movements you can cut through the tape. Pay attention that you do this until the bottom end and do not try to rip off the hyShell which might damage the surface of the door.


As soon as the hyShell has been removed, clean the rest of the glue residues with the scaler and glue removal liquid.