Problem: Bakterien
Problem: BacteriasDoor handles are full of germs. If you touch them you carry viruses and bacterias with you.
Lösung: hyShell
Solution: hyShellhyShell is the door shell to open doors hygienically and fast. Use your foot instead of your hand – without skin contact.
with thehyShell against bacterias
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Sick-maker door handles

Due to the World Health Organization (WHO) up to 80% of all infectious diseases are transferred by hand to hand.
Break the negative cycle effectively with the hyShell.

  • Oliver Faschian

    Facility Management Lead Cantonal Hospital Basel-Country

    The hyShell concept is well-conceived and serves in a clever way a wide spreaded need - especially in healthcare. This has been confirmed during a test phase in our hospital as well. The resonance of our visitors and employees was surprisingly high and positive.

  • Prof. Dr. Arie Hans Verkuil

    Institution Business Management Lead University of Applied Science and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

    Brilliant ideas have an influence on our daily life and can change them suistanable. This is the case for GmbH and their business idea. It is a simple and necessary idea that can change our daily life.

  • Marc Hasler, MBA SUNY

    CEO DPD (Schweiz) AG

    The power of an idea lies in its simplicity – proves this in an exemplarily way.

  • Rolf Rudin

    Regional Manager IBZ Industrie AG

    The topic hygiene is very important at places where lots of people meet. GmbH took up this important subject and developed with the hyShell an unique product. We are proud to be a part of this innovation and advise the team in any questions around the tape.

  • Zbynek Hybler

    Sales Manager DORMA Schweiz AG

    The hyShell concept combines innovation, aesthetic and high quality. DORMA stands for the same values. This is the reason why we are glad to have as a DORMA system partner. The solution completes our portfolio in the hygienic area in many ways. The product idea can be easily combined with our assortment and the market will continue to grow in the future.

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